Northampton Personal Trainer

I have been personal training in Northampton since 2012, and during that time, I have helped countless people improve their health and achieve their fitness goals.

I understand that everyone is different, and whether you have hit a plateau, are struggling for motivation, feel dissatisfied with progress, or don’t know where to start, I can help.

Delivering Results

Your current fitness goals may be to improve your health, increase your strength, or reduce your body fat, and they are achievable.

However, just going online and downloading a generic program won’t work. No two individuals are the same. Your starting point, lifestyle, and personal circumstances must be considered to ensure you have a personalised, practical plan.

I will consider everything, and by following my guidance with your training and nutrition, you can achieve your fitness goals.

Sustainable Dieting

There is no escaping the fact that nutrition plays a significant role in how we look, and regardless of how well you exercise, your visual results will ultimately be determined by what you eat. There is also no escaping the fact that extreme diets aren’t fun and, more often than not, fail due to their rigid demands and favouring of imbalance.

No matter how great something looks on paper, it will only work if it’s practical and has some leeway. We’re humans, not machines. My approach deviates from this method of deprivation and creates a sustainable approach to dieting.

Personal Training Sessions

One-to-one personal training sessions last one hour and are held at PureGym Northampton Central. Up to two hours of free parking is available outside the gym, and memberships start from £14.99 monthly.

If you don’t have a membership and would like to book a consultation, I can meet you at the entrance and let you in. However, you will need a membership to complete workouts and attend sessions.

Getting Started

You can book a free consultation with me at PureGym Northampton Central to get started. Your consultation will last approximately 30 minutes and will not require any exercise.

To book, please select a time from the available slots below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Online Coaching different to Personal Training?

Online personal training shares many similarities with personal training. You’ll work directly with me for personalised guidance, and I will educate you on essential knowledge while delivering effective workouts.

The main difference is you’ll perform all the workouts independently.

How Much Does It Cost?

£100 per month.

Do I need to have access to a gym?

Access to a gym with a wide range of gym equipment will be incredibly beneficial, but it’s not required. If you’re considering purchasing equipment for your home, I can offer advice on the best pieces that align with your specific needs.

Is Online Coaching suitable for beginners?

Yes, online coaching can accommodate all fitness levels, including beginners. You will receive a plan that aligns with your current fitness level and gradually progresses as you advance.

How do I communicate with you and receive feedback on my progress?

We will communicate via instant messaging on my personalised app. You can also use the app to input your details and check off your workouts for comprehensive feedback. Based on your information, I will conduct weekly progress checks to update your plan.

What is the approach to nutriton?

Learning to track your calories and macros is vital to results and longevity. It can make or break your progress, so it is essential to understand how to track and plan your meals accurately.

My approach will focus on helping you develop your understanding of nutrition, enabling you to hit your calorie and macro targets by making informed choices independently.