About Me

My Journey

I developed a passion for health and fitness at a young age, beginning as an aspiring footballer, and between the ages of 16 and 23, I played almost every day.

At 20, I joined my first gym and started weightlifting. I immediately fell in love with it and spent the next few years trying to balance bodybuilding and remaining agile on a football pitch. After a few years, I realised I couldn’t be great at both. I had to make a sacrifice, and while qualifying to become a personal trainer, I gradually moved away from football to focus on the gym.

In 2012, at 23, I launched my personal training business and began coaching at a new gym, PureGym Northampton Central, where I still conduct one-to-one sessions today.

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My Training

While I started with bodybuilding, my current training combines bodybuilding and strength training. I enjoy challenging myself and lifting heavy weights. I’ve found that increasing strength with powerlifting style training will translate into my bodybuilding.

Getting stronger leaves your body no choice but to grow, and the increased strength allows me to move more weight with my isolation/accessory work – hence, working hand in hand.

My exact training program varies depending on my current goals. I tend to switch between bulking and cutting, and this approach has taken on new emphasis in the last few years as I began competing in men’s physique.

My Diet

I employ the concept of IIFYM (if it fits your macros), also known as flexible dieting.

I often adhere to a fixed diet with predetermined food choices because it’s easier to follow when I’m busy, but it’s not necessary. My main focus is to meet my daily macro, micro, and fibre targets, and as long as I achieve that, I’m satisfied.

The fitness industry often preaches nutrition in a way that can be challenging for beginners.

When I started, I was introduced to the “clean and dirty” approach to dieting, which assigned the moral values of “good and bad” to foods. This mentality isn’t conducive to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It forces you to restrict foods you enjoy simply because you might aim to lose weight, leading to physical and mental deprivation.

And I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy my food.

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