About Me

My name is Leon Coupe, and I am a full-time personal trainer in Northampton.

I developed a passion for health, fitness, and exercise at a young age, beginning as an aspiring footballer. Later I explored other avenues of fitness and joined my first gym, and began weight lifting. I also started my sports diploma to work in the fitness industry. I retained my love for playing football but gained an increasing focus on gym-based exercise.

In July 2011, I completed my diploma and decided to aim for my personal training qualifications to start my own coaching business.

I completed my level 3 personal training in May 2012 and was fortunate to begin coaching in a brand-new gym in August, PureGym Northampton Central. I have continued doing my one-to-one sessions there to the present day.

I have worked with hundreds of clients, building up an impressive portfolio of success stories. Due to my increasing portfolio, I have extended my reach online, ensuring that my exercise and nutrition methods are available to benefit people globally.

Alongside coaching, I have recently begun competing. On July 2022, I competed in my first Men’s Physique competition with PCA, placing in the top 6 and making it into the British Finals. The finals took place on October 15th in Telford, with hundreds of people attending, including many of my clients and friends. I did not place in the finals, but it has motivated me to try again this year.

My next show is in Kettering on July 30th, where I will compete again in the Men’s Physique category—this time alongside two of my clients, competing in Wellness and Bikini.

My Mission

Depending on what you read and who you listen to, getting your training and nutrition right can become a real struggle as all the contradicting information stresses you over what to do.

Having trained hundreds of clients over the last ten years, I understand that everyone is different and no one-size-fits-all fitness plan exists.  I approach my clients individually and design workout plans based on their level, goals, and lifestyle.

As your trainer, I aim to give you my professional insight and knowledge, giving you confidence in what you’re doing to help you achieve your goals and get the most out of every workout.