Recomp with Coupes

Body recomposition, often called “recomping,” is a fitness and nutrition strategy to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass. Unlike traditional approaches where individuals focus solely on either gaining muscle (bulking) or losing fat (cutting), body recomposition aims to achieve both goals simultaneously.

Almost anybody can recomp, but it is most effective in individuals just starting or returning from a break.

About The Program

The program is 12 weeks long, and you will have at least one personal training session with me each week. If you would like to have more than one session per week let me know and we can discuss it during your consultation.

Throughout the program, you may be required to complete some workouts independently. These will be either cardio or resistance training. I will ensure you’re comfortable with what to do beforehand.

You will also be required to hit daily calorie and macro targets. This is critical to your successful body recomposition. If you are new to tracking macros, I will teach you how. Learning this may be one of the most beneficial aspects of this program, because not only will you have an improved physique by the end, but you will continue with the knowledge to maintain it.

What Can Be Achieved

Below is a before-and-after picture from my client Ron, taken 12 weeks apart. It shows what can be achieved during a recomp when consistently adhering to your training routine and diet.

Get Started

Complete the form below, and I will use your contact information to arrange a suitable day and time for your consultation at PureGym Northampton Central.

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    How long are the personal training sessions?

    Each personal training session will last for one hour.

    What if I want to do more than one session per week?

    You can do more than one session per week, provided we can agree on suitable times.

    Will I have to train on my own during the program?

    Yes. I will coach you on completing the workouts before you attempt them alone.

    Will my program explain how much cardio I should do?

    Yes. I will detail exactly how much cardio you need and how to perform it.

    How much does it cost, and how do I pay?

    The price of the program depends on the number of sessions you do per week. Please contact me directly for more information.