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Whether you have hit a plateau, are struggling for motivation, feel dissatisfied with progress, or don’t know where to start, I can help. With over ten years of experience as a personal trainer, I have supported countless people in transforming their physiques and, in the process, improved their views of exercise and nutrition.

As your personal trainer, I will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by the current tidal wave of contradictory fitness information and give you the confidence that you are following the most effective workout plan for your goals.

You may wonder how long it will take to see results, and there is no definitive answer. Your transformation is a personal journey, and its duration will depend on your current body composition and the work you put in.

But it is common to think it will take far longer than necessary. Take my clients below, for example.


Teddy Teo

Teddy came to me to improve his body composition; he wanted to build muscle and burn body fat.

He told me he would like to train with me for one year, which is how long he thought it may take.

Teddy’s transformation in the pictures took just 16 weeks. This shows how quickly you can achieve results when applying an effective training routine and diet.


Nicola Atkins

It’s common to believe you’re doing the right things in the gym until weeks pass and you’re not seeing results.

Nicola found herself in this position; she had previously stuck to doing fitness classes and was becoming frustrated by her lack of progress. Fitness classes often take a one-size-fits-all approach and fail to consider someone’s personal goals and circumstances.

Once she began following a personalised training regimen and diet, results started to show.


Gary Marks

There is a lot of misinformation floating around the fitness industry, and Gary was a victim of this.

He was advised to remove fat from his diet, which is essential for good health. This left him lethargic and affected his ability to train and recover.

After an initial consultation, I dispelled many of the myths he had learned and created a resistance training program for him to follow. It didn’t take long for his performance to improve and results to show.

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You will be guaranteed stress-free results with no guesswork by training with me. I will take care of everything; you only need to apply yourself.

I will support you, keep you accountable, and pass on everything I know.

Take the first step towards your fitness journey today by booking a free consultation.

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