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I believe that everyone should experience the fulfilling sensation of looking in the mirror and feeling proud and confident with their physique, but with all the contradictory information from today’s influencer-based social media landscape, it can be challenging.

I have been a personal trainer for over 12 years and have always taken a science-based approach to training and nutrition. This allows me to cut through the noise and provide my clients with the most effective training programs.

The services I offer are one-to-one personal training sessions in Northampton and online training worldwide.

Here are the results from some of my recent clients.

leon coupe fitness client transformation

Sanju R

Sanju came to me to build muscle and improve his physique. Sanju was relatively lean when we started, so we initially focused on building muscle and strength.

Once Sanju had put on enough size, we switched focus to maintaining muscle while dropping body fat.

This bulk and cut method is similar to my approach. It is not short-term, but it will produce outstanding results.

leoncoupe client

Andreea A

Andrea is a friend of mine from the gym. She came to watch my first show in June 2022, which sparked her motivation to compete, and she asked me to coach her.

I was confident she could do well, and I was happy to help her prepare for the stage.

In July 2023, she competed in Peterborough, winning the Bikini category and receiving an invite to the British Finals.


Maciek Z

Maciek was no stranger to the gym. He built an impressive level of strength, and although his body fat levels were high, he had a significant amount of muscle.

Maciek had spent most of his time trying to get bigger and stronger but never emphasised getting leaner; this is where he sought my help.

I created a plan that allowed him to keep his hard-earned muscle while reducing his body fat, and his hard work and dedication ensured the results.


Teddy T

Teddy came to me with no knowledge or experience, and he told me that he wanted to get in shape by focusing entirely on the gym for one year.

With no prior experience, he was in an excellent position to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. This approach, known as body recomposition, is ideal for those new to the gym or returning from a significant break.

As shown in the pictures, Teddy’s recomposition took just 16 weeks.

Carlo Transformation

Carlo S

I met Carlo shortly after he got his gym membership. He told me his goals but was unsure how to achieve them. He was highly motivated and told me he was in it for the long haul.

With time on our hands, I broke Carlo’s goals into sections, starting with a recomposition, then a bulk and cut.

Here are pictures of his progress from start to finish.

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You will be guaranteed stress-free results with no guesswork by training with me. I will take care of everything; you only need to apply yourself.

I will support you, keep you accountable, and pass on everything I know.

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