Online Coaching

Welcome to online coaching, a service I provide for those who cannot reach me for one-to-one sessions, or require an experienced coach to keep them accountable.

Getting in shape is not difficult once you remove all the guesswork and apply yourself to an effective training and nutrition plan. The problem is that most people don’t know what an effective plan is. I’m often bombarded with questions like “how many sets should I be doing?”, “how much cardio is necessary?”, and “what should I eat?”.

This is all basic guidance that is covered with online coaching, and once adhered to, will bring results. Here are some of my online coaching transformations.

Lucian contacted me for online coaching in May 2018 after hitting a plateau on his own. Lucian always worked hard in the gym and gained strength doing so, but he was unable to see the visual results he was after.

Once I had gathered Lucian’s information it was clear that nutrition was his biggest issue, however, his training program was not optimal either. At the time he was only hitting each muscle group once per week, missing out on days worth of potential gains. More importantly, he was not tracking his nutrition, which is key when it comes to seeing visual changes.

Because Lucian had gym experience, it was easy for me to write him a training program to follow based on the days he was able to reach the gym. I also got him to start tracking his workouts on RepCount.

    Do you have experience with counting calories and macros?